Change Your Questions, Change Your Results - One Day - Spring 2020

Marilee Adams, Ph.D.
Bestselling author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life
April 27, 2020
Baltimore, MD


Are you ready for a breakthrough in your life, career, or relationships?

The most successful people have a clear sense of direction and get there by asking themselves and others better questions.To change behavior that leads to positive, sustainable change depends on changing thinking first. And changing thinking requires knowing how to change the internal questions that drive thinking, behaving and results. Question Thinking is a breakthrough thinking strategy that activates a mental “master switch” for predictably producing more successful and satisfying results.

What it is: Our one-day workshop is a practical and powerful introduction to the Question Thinking (QT) System of Tools and Practices—which leads to more success, satisfaction and breakthrough results. You can literally change your relationships, experiences, and results professionally and personally by changing the questions you ask yourself and others. Great results really do begin with great questions!

What you get: In this enlightening, “hands-on,” and results-oriented workshop you’ll learn QT methods and tools while applying them to a current relevant challenge or goal for new thinking, possibilities, and results. These simple, easy-to-apply tools and strategies help you close the gap between what needs to happen and how to make it happen.

  • Experience how these powerful QT methods strengthen resilience, mindfulness, creativity, and satisfaction as well as boost productivity, engagement, collaboration, and desired results for yourself and others.
  • Learn the basics on the how to apply cutting edge QT methods to catalyze deeper effectiveness with current personal and/or organizational initiatives including with leadership, management, team development and effectiveness.


Contact Kim Aubry at or 800-250-7823

Location: Baltimore, MD

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Follow-up webinar (date TBA)

Tuition $495 (Early bird pricing shows up as you check out your cart!). Includes continental breakfast, workbook, and Choice Maps

For: Managers, leaders, coaches, consultants, educators, learning and healthcare professionals, HR, counselors, mediators, clergy, and engineers . . .

CCEU’s: International Coach Federation (ICF) 6.75 CCEU’s; Mediators 4 CME; has been sponsored by NJEA

“We’ve used Question Thinking so successfully in our work with teams that it has led to a radical transformation in how people approach and resolve problems. It also made an immediate and sustained change in their behavior. In an organizational culture, the more that people can be taught these processes, the greater positive impact it can have on productivity and the bottom line.”

-- Carmella Granado, Senior Director of Organizational Effectiv

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