Change Your Questions, Change Your Results - Two Day - Spring 2020

Marilee Adams, Ph.D.
Bestselling author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life
April 27 & 28, 2020
Baltimore, MD

Do you want to make a real difference in the quality of your life AND the lives of others?

What it is: The Advanced Change Your Questions, Change Your Results Workshop is a transformational professional and personal learning and skill-building experience—based on the Question Thinking (QT) System of Tools and Practices. Building on the first day (the Basics workshop), the second day takes a deep dive into the questioning and mindset work and how to use these for empowering positive change for individuals, teams, and organizations.

What you get:The CYQ advanced workshop focuses intensely on professional, personal, and organizational development and effectiveness. This deeper dive into the mindset workhelps you personally cultivate a more resilient Learner Mindset while minimizing the impact of Judger (judgmental) Mindset in yourself and others. These robust self-management skills for “Learner living” bring insight, resilience, freedom—and widely expanded possibilities, both personally and professionally. This strengthens confidence in your personal ability to be more effective and satisfied in achieving goals and communicate optimally as well as successfully navigating inevitable challenges.

The second day of the workshop also explores the unintended costs and consequences of Judger Mindset with the goal of developing productive and generative Learner organizations, teams, and cultures. Organizations and teams gain significant bottom-line advantages when people consistently operate with a Learner Mindset, ask open-minded questions of themselves and others, and share practices for sustaining and reinforcing positive changes.

How it works: The two QT success factors of mindsets and questioning are based on enlightened knowledge of individual and organizational change as well as transformational and experiential learning principles. QT is aligned with ground-breaking and practical research on the neuroscience of happiness, mindfulness, learning, and growth. This 2-day workshop incudes 3 follow-up teleseminar sessions with guided practical self-study and learning. This workshop is also a prerequisite for the Inquiry Institute’s Chief Question Officer® Training Certificate Program.


Contact Kim Aubry at or 609-499-3158

Location: Cleveland, OH

Tuition: $995, non-refundable deposit: $495. Includes workshop materials, a follow-up webinar and continental breakfasts and lunches. Check website for Early Bird Specials - add to cart to see your savings!

ICF CCEU: 14.5 hours for core competencies

“We’ve used the Learner Mindset tools so successfully in our work with teams that it has led to a radical transformation in how people approach and resolve problems. In an organizational culture, the more people can be taught these processes, the greater positive impact it can have on productivity and the bottom line.”

-- Carmella Granado, Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Flextronics

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